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Guided Tours of Great Britain

London's Theatre: the Golden Age of Shakespeare

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Globe Theatre, Shakespeare Tour

This Tour will include lunch and the full involvement of our Actor/Director in Residence, Graham Pountney. There will be a live performance at the heart of this Tour.

Shakespeare Tour: Sights

Starting at The Globe Theatre in Southwark, we will help you understand all there is to know about the beginnings of the immense and colourful theatrical tradition of London. When Will Shakespeare came to London, what was it like? We can imagine the sights & smells of Southwark, originally outside the City walls. We will consider the Rose Theatre,the bear gardens,taverns, the back streets, the myths & the magic which spawned some of the most famous playwrights in one brief era - and in just one city – Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Kyd, Ben Jonson and Shakespeare himself.

We will explain how an Elizabethan play was performed & the trials and tribulations faced by the original owner/managers like Burbage and Alleyn. This would take place over lunch: we favour The George Inn – a galleried coaching tavern rebuilt in 1676 from the Tudor original. You can also hear some of the great speeches from Shakespeare’s finest dramas & sonnets, performed by our Actor/Director in Residence, Graham Pountney.

Later we will visit The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden and finally enjoy the delights of The Actor’s Church; designed by Inigo Jones soon after this Golden Age.

This Tour has been designed for the casual tourist as well as those interested in theatre: we adapt our lunchtime talk and speeches according to the audience. For instance, if you wish to be included in a typical rehearsal for Hamlet – as it took place back in the 16th Century - you can!

This Tour includes a pub lunch but not drinks.

Shakespeare Tour Prices:

Prices below are for a Full Day Tour. Half day tours are available on request. Prices for 6 or more people are estimates: precise quote on application. Prices for 6 or more are estimates:precise quotes on application.


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