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Guided Tours of Great Britain

Canterbury Cathedral & Dover Castle: the Gateways to England

Castles & Cathedrals:

Here you can perhaps see the broadest sweep of British history: from St Augustine's arrival in 597AD at Canterbury, the home of the Anglican church worldwide. With its cathedral surrounded by the Medieval and Tudor town including St Augustine's Priory, Canterbury is unique. Then on to the Norman Castle at Dover, experiencing at first hand the lifestyle of Henry II in the 12th century through to exploring the secret tunnels and peering across the Channel from Admiralty Lookout imagining what it was like in 1940 waiting for the ‘little ships’ to return from Dunkirk, and for the Nazi invasion that never came. If we have time we will take in Leeds Castle and consider its links to Henry VIII and to a 20th Century American heiress, Lady Baillie.

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