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Guided Tours of Great Britain


Our suggested reading list
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An Appreciation of Winston Churchill and  An Appreciation of William Shakespeare are both now taking  reservations. 

Private Lectures and Tours

Guests enjoying an alfresco lunch overlooking Ashdown Forest during a Battle of Britain Tour

Some reaction to An Appreciation of Wisnton Churchill:

A throughly enjoyable evening. The show was slick yet informal; informative yet light-hearted and struck the perfect balance between a serious piece of history and a theatrical entertainment. Fully recommended.

GN, Isle of Wight

Great evening...a really great performance

TP, Seaview


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The Lectures Series

We have devised, created and written a series of private special interest lectures on the topics most requested by our Guests.

These private historical & heritage talks on Winston Churchill, for instance, have appealed not just to private parties but members' clubs and groups, schools and colleges, corporate hospitality planners and motivational programmes too.

Special interest history & heritage lectures: your choice

You can discover more about particularly important parts of the unique island story of Great Britain. We have called them ‘lectures’ but they are designed to appeal to the audience who books them.

So, just let us know what you want: if you wish to hear about a subject not shown, just ask.

Format for private history Talks

  • A lecture can take place on the day of your booking or during an Overnight Tour or entirely separately.
  • We can look to fix a visit to a private home as part of the 'Welcome to my home' service.
  • We can fix a private room, perhaps in a traditional London club where we have access, or even your own hotel or home if that suits better.
  • You will hear a talk on one of a number of topics (see below), chosen by you in advance, lasting around 60 minutes followed by questions lasting approximately a further 30 minutes.
  • A commemorative programme will be included and a gift can be given out at the end of the talk.
  • A dinner with fine wines can be organized in a private venue if required.

Audience for special interest history & heritage lectures

Our Lecture Series is for groups from four to over 100.

We have presented talks in marquees, as part of a buffet, or silver service meal – breakfast, lunch, dinner and even teatime. We talk in schools and educational institutions, private halls and clubs, company boardrooms and on corporate hospitality days too.

Lectures for Student groups: our talks are adapted for Secondary/High School students, aged 11 and upwards. They are crafted to stimulate interest in those moving towards GCSE, AS/A2, and international qualifications, including High School diploma.

Lectures for Clubs, institutions, adult groups:  organizations, looking for new innovative events, particularly fund-raisers will find these flexible packages particularly appealing.

Lectures for Companies: presentations, motivational seminars, and employee away-days: our talks can be adapted to suit corporate programmes. Just tell us your objectives.

Choice of special interest lecture

Here is our list of Top Talks (or we can tailor what you want)

  • The life and times of Winston Churchill: from the Boer War to Bladon Churchyard.
  • ‘The Few’ - the Battle of Britain: ’Every chance brought forth a noble knight’
  • The Royal Family: from Victoria to Prince Harry
  • William Shakespeare (1564-1623): his life and times from birth to the First Foliow
  • Dunkirk: how ‘the miracle’ was achieved.
  • British Prime Ministers: from Walpole to May - the good, the bad and the ugly
  • The forging of modern Britain: from Queen Victoria to Simon Cowell.
  • 1940: from Blitzkrieg to Blitz: the disasters and triumphs of a ’sublime’ year.
  • A brief history of the English speaking peoples: the broad sweep of British and related history from The Norman Conquest to the Taleban (in 1,2 or 3 parts).
  • The USA and Britain: a special relationship from Boston to Afghanistan.
  • What is it about being British? A fond look at what makes them tick (in 1,2 or 3 parts).

The Lecture Series Pricing

  • A minimum price is charged of £250 per group, based on £25 per person for up to 10 people. There are significant savings for numbers above 10. Children under 12 receive a 20% reduction. Exact prices available on our Reservation Response.
  • However, if the Lecture is part of a Tour then there will be a signifcant price preference depending on numbers attending.
  • Prices exclude any optional room hire, food and drink charges and travel if taken separately to a Tour. We have a lifetime of hospitality experience and can set up whatever you want whether in a private home, hotel room, boardroom or private facility.
A Brief History of the English Speaking Peoples

A Brief History of the English Speaking Peoples

The broad sweep of British history from the Norman Conquest to the recent Afghan conflict. Reservation Request

The Life and Times of Winston Churchill

The Life and Times of Winston Churchill

From the Boer War to Gallipoli to the defeat of the Nazis. Reservation Request

1940: from Blitzkrieg to Blitz

1940: from Blitzkrieg to Blitz

British disasters and triumphs from Churchill becoming PM to Dunkirk, the battle of Britain and The Blitz. Reservation Request

'The Few' - the Battle of Britain

How 'the Few' saved their country: Every chance brought forth a noble knight. Reservation Request

The USA & Britain:

The USA & Britain: 'The Special Relationship'

Great Britain and the USA from the Boston Tea Party to Afghanistan. Reservation Request

The forging of Modern Britain

The forging of Modern Britain

From the death of Queen Victoria to the rise of Simon Cowell. Reservation Request

British Prime Ministers: the good, the bad and the ugly

British Prime Ministers: the good, the bad and the ugly

British Prime Ministers from Robert Walpole to David Cameron. Reservation Request

What is it about being British?

What is it about being British?

A fond look at what makes them tick (in 1,2 or 3 parts) Reservation Request



How the miracle was achieved: eight days that changed the war? Reservation Request

William Shakespeare:his life and times

William Shakespeare:his life and times

From Stratford nobody to the Bard of Avon:creating the Golden Age of Elizabethan theatre. Reservation Request

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

A jouney from the teenage Queen Victoria to the future 'Queen Kate' Reservation Request

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